Day 8? Or 9?

(In which I completely lose track)


I have no idea what day I’m at in this crazy challenge I’m doing. (In case you’re just joining me, I said I’d try to write at least 4000 words a day for 14 days.)


2 things are becoming clear:

1. I have given up all hopes of steady progression, and am now working in bursts whenever I have the energy. (Or not. I sometimes force myself to have the energy, and enthusiasm follows once I get into things and my characters take on their own lives and surprise me!)

2.  Counting days is becomng completely useless.

3. (Did I say 2 things? Ha! Just goes to show how functional my brain is rigt now.) If I want to finish this rough draft Friday (which I’d love, because that gives me a few days to rewrite and edit), I have to write around 6000 words for the next few days. It might happen, it might not. I don’t have a lot of other stuff going on in the next couple of days, so we’ll see.



Twitter is a goldmine when ou figure out how to use #hashtags. (It only took me a year or two of being on Twitter before I figured it out…)

My favourite hashtag is #1k1hr (or #1k1h), where people meet up to try and write 1000 words in a set hour, and encourage and egg each other on along the way. The Twitter writing community is full of supportive, nice, and funny people! (And neither this book or my last one would ever have been written without them.)


So, the count! Where am I now?


Soooo close to halfway! I can taste it! Also, almost 7000 of those words were written yesterday, which makes me more optimistic about the next couple of days. We’ll see how I’m doing tonight!


(Potato-me is thinking: “Oh my! What on earth are my characters up to?!”)


Stay tuned as I fall ever further down the spiral of insanity, by delving deeper and deeper into my fictional world and gradually lose contact with this one. :p



Behind, but not giving up

(In which we continue the mad chariot race towards victory. What if Ben Hur had given up, I ask you?)

So, the last couple of days haven’t been going as well as I’d hoped. (Been dealing with some personal stuff.)

But I keep doing as much as I manage, and I feel confident I will catch up again soon enough – maybe even get a bit ahead? Oh, glorious thought!

Also, I think this is day 5, but I’m not completely sure. My head is too full of words to have any room for numbers.

16146 words right now, to be precise.  So my little progress bar looks like this:

There’s just something really satisfying about seeing the red line crawling closer and closer to the target! Can’t wait till it’s past the halfway mark.

And ms. potato is sleepy today as well.

(Which means absolutely no bedtime reading! Just mindfulness CD and blissful sleep as soon as possible…)

Day 2

(In which I continue to be boring and count stuff. Sorry.)

So, more progress. I’m just about keeping up.

Example Progress Meter

And here’s little potato-me at my desk. Happy about word count, but I have also done lots of other things today, and I’m knackered.

No bedtime reading today, just a CD with meditation and mindfulness techniques which I fall asleep listening to (to keep my brain from freaking out too much. It’s all gonna be good).